adoptee-led resources

There are many wonderful adoption blogs and projects. The ones here have caught my eye for their willingness to critically discuss adoption. Many are adoptee-run, which significantly improves the reach of our voices. I encourage you to follow them as they work hard to accomplish their missions.pexels-photo-219249.jpeg


Dear Adoption features letters written by adoptees only, offering a safe space for self-expression. Writers range from amateur to professional. Domestic, transracial, and intercountry adoptees are included.

icav logo
Intercountry Adoptee Voices is an Australian-based organization run by Lynelle Long.  ICAV’s mission is to allow adult intercountry adoptees to push for better governmental pre- and post-adoption support. ICAV is a politically-rooted organization seeking international improvements to adoption.

adoptees on
Adoptees On is a podcast hosted by Haley Radke, herself an adoptee. Her show invites adoptees from all backgrounds to express pain, grief, and healing.  I encourage you to listen, as many episodes offer education as well as conversation.

Other Blogs

Anne Heffron, blogger and film writer, authored You Don’t Look Adopted, an intimate look at a life based on being given away and chosen.

Bleeding Hearts. Stephanie, author at Bleeding Hearts, pushes heavily for Family Preservation and Adoptee Rights. Blog topics include religion and adoption, fertility, and loss.

The Declassified Adoptee belongs to Amanda Woolston, an adoptee, mother, social worker, and activist. Amanda believes in engaging within and outside of the adoption community in order to make a difference. Like me, she doesn’t adhere to pro- or anti-labels, emphasizing the damaging role such categorization plays for adoptees.

Facebook Groups

Saving Our Sisters provides support for families considering adoption, emphasizing adoption as a last resort and not a solution to a temporary crisis. They provide much-needed education regarding adoption’s long-term traumatic impacts and offer in-person mentors. Though not adoptee-led, they seek prevention of unnecessary adoptions.

I Am Adopted is run by Jessenia Arias-Parmer, an influential adoptee with over ten years of experience providing adoption support. Her website and group offers adoptees and prospective adoptive parents education from the adoptee perspective, allowing healing and validation for all.

Twitter Accounts

Proud of Who I Am is owned by Suzan, a transracial adoptee currently making a documentary about her adoption experience.

Being Adopted Means gives adoptees a safe space and hashtag (#BeingAdoptedMeans) to express their grief, happiness, and discontent.

I’m sure I missed some, so please let me know so I can review and add! Thanks!

7 thoughts on “adoptee-led resources

    1. Hi Martha,

      Thanks for reaching out. How could I have forgotten TLD? They’re wonderful. I have a few edits to make on the list as it is, so when I make that change I’ll add a brief summary of the site and a link to their work.

      Thanks again,


  1. Hi Sunny, https://onbeingadopted is an online book club for adoptees around the world to talk and share through their love of books. All books selected for the book club come from recommendations made by adoptees, and are a mix of adopted authors and non-adopted authors, fiction and non-fiction. Also run meet-ups in the UK. Rachel


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