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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Docan-Morgan, S. (2010). Korean Adoptees’ Retrospective Reports of Intrusive Interactions: Exploring Boundary Management in Adoptive Families. Journal of Family Communication, (10)3, 137-157.

Howard, A., Royse, D. D., & Skerl, J. A. (1977). Transracial adoption: the black community perspectiveSocial Work. doi:10.1093/sw/22.3.184

Howe, R. W. (1995). Redefining the Transracial Adoption ControversyDuke Journal of Gender Law & Policy, (2)131, 131-164. Available for download!

Eleana Kim, a current University of California professor, focuses on the anthropological perspective of transracial adoption. She has also written a book that I reference extensively in my project.

Kim, W. J. (1995). International adoption: A case review of Korean childrenChild Psychiatry and Human Development, 25(3), 141-154. doi:10.1007/bf02251299 Available for download!

McPhatter, A. R. (1997). Cultural Competence in Child Welfare: What is it? How do we achieve it? What Happens Without It?. Child Welfare, 76(1), 255-278.

Morrison, A. (2004). Transracial Adoption: The Pros and Cons and the Parents’ PerspectiveHarvard BlackLetter Law Journal, 20, 163-202.

Nelson, K. P. (2009). Mapping Multiple Histories of Korean American Transnational Adoption. Retrieved from Available for download!

Sue, D. W., et. al. (2007). Racial Microaggressions in Every Day Life: Implications for Clinical PracticeAmerican Psychologist62(4), 271-286.

M. Elizabeth Vonk has become a go-to author for me. Her research on cultural socialization forms a bulk of my work on racial identity formation. I highly recommend her.

Other Useful Articles (but may not be peer-reviewed)

Babies for Export: And Now the Painful Questions. NYTimes article published in 1988. Korean response to mass transracial adoptions.

Beyond Culture Camp: Promoting Healthy Identity Formation in Adoption. Study funded by the Kellogg Foundation and the Donaldson Adoption Institute.

The Curious Case of International Adoption. Excellent student-written article regarding transracial adoption.

Meet the New Anti-Adoption Movement. New Republic article.

Samuels, G. M. (2012). Not Just “White Parents with Kids of Color” The Importance of Racial Identity Work for ParentsPact’s Point of View.

The Pain of White Privilege and Racism in Transracial Adoption. Article by a White mother of black children.

Trauma, Race and Invisibility: The Power of Getting Woke. Melanie Chung-Sherman. “Children of color cannot remove their minority status, nor can their parents fully protect them from these experiences. Transracial adoptive parents need additional tools to racially socialize and help their child(ren) of color to integrate their identity development.”